As reported by CAPCIL, the pilot program behind GrowMe:

Of our case management customers who completed a pre/post “self-sufficiency” matrix, the top 25% who increased their overall family stability scores engaged with the application over 3.5 times more frequently than the bottom 25% of participants.

Of our case management customers who completed a pre/post “Return on Investment” worksheet, the top 25% who reduced welfare dependency engaged 2.4 times more frequently than the bottom 25% of participants.

17% of all CAPCIL case management customers BOTH increased family stability and reduced welfare benefits using the GrowMe coaching approach

Based on the number of engagements for the “Top Performers” (those who reduced benefits & increased family stability) 88% were in the top half for user engagement in the GrowMe programming.

No, but it meets requirements for several components (e.g. family services, financial services, housing), so agencies find its use valuable.

Annually. Agencies often compare their formal self-sufficiency matrices with the reports in the app. Fortunately, it has been reported to us that there is a strong correlation between app usage and self-sufficiency!

As the account manager, you have full access to the Administrative App, where users are managed. Users (both clients and coaches) may be freely added or removed at any time by the account manager.

We monitor the number of coaches in the system. If the number of coaches changes and crosses one of the pricing tier thresholds, your monthly subscription amount will automatically change to the new pricing tier.

No additional Setup Fee will be charged if this change takes place after the first three months of your subscription and does not move you more than one tier from your original subscription tier.

Payments are normally set up as automated ACH withdrawls for the initial setup and monthly subscription fees.

Automated credit card processing is available.

Per our Terms of Service, you may cancel at any time.

Long term subscription contracts (1-, 3-, and 5-year terms) may optionally be entered into, in order to lock in your current subscription rate. This helps with long-term budgeting, but cancellation is not allowed during the contract term.

Please open up a support ticket.