Content Description

What is the content of the GrowMe App?
Life lessons, beginning with self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-efficacy. Then it continues to tactical life-skills like productivity, time management, goal-setting, and self-monitoring. Finally, the content emphasizes gratitude and joy. All of this moves toward greater family stability and self-sufficiency.

Content Organization

The content is broken down into six parts:

  1. Seed - Overarching idea
  2. Sprout - Smaller, specific idea
  3. Roots - Science behind the idea
  4. Water & Sunshine - Activities to develop cognitively
  5. Nutrients - Further exploration of the science
  6. Harvest - Client can rate the content’s helpfulness

Types of Clients

What types of clients would benefit from going through this program? Primarily, clients in situational and/or generational poverty.

Benefits to Customers

What benefits come to customers who use the GrowMe App? Clients learn many invaluable life-skills including: self-discovery, self-awareness, self-efficacy, correcting thought distortions, tactical skills (goal setting, budget management, mock-interviewing, etc), and gratitude.


Brain Change

Why do people in poverty make unwise financial decisions? What is it that drives someone to make destructive emotional choices, rather than helpful rational ones? Watch to find out, and discover how the GrowMe App can help!

Types of Organizations

What types of organizations would benefit from using the GrowMe App? There are so many! Case management providers, Head Start and Early Head Start, housing authorities, probation offices, churches that provide services, veterans organizations, prisons, seniors—anyone who wants to see people equipped with the long-term tools to get out and stay out of poverty and enjoy self-sufficiency.


Admin App

The GrowMe Administrative App is where the setup, reporting, and coaches’ chat takes place. Automated collection of user data means you can easily gain insight into how your clients are engaging with the app through downloadable, customizable Excel or PDF reports!

Chat Functionality

Coached have trouble connecting with clients. The GrowMe App chat functionality makes this job a breeze! Instantly and unobtrusively connect with your clients, and meet them where they’re at!


Benefits to Staff

The GrowMe Application will help case management and life-coaching organizations to have a standardized method of coaching. Coaches have a customizable, overarching framework. Coaches will enjoy their job more, having choices, feel engaged, and have a consistent way of delivering content. This has been shown to improve employee retention and job satisfaction.

Where to Start

Do clients have to start at the beginning? Not necessarily. Clients usually start at the beginning and progress through the content, but they may start wherever their coach deems it most appropriate. All content is accessible at all times.



The GrowMe Mobile Application won 3rd Place for the Evelyn Wright Moore Award for Innovation Excellence, sponsored by WIPFLI!

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